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Here is where all parents or players can put down a comment about the training program.  We have various clinics.  Anyone is welcome to place a comment.  If you have a video testimonial, then you are welcome to email me the video.  Thank you

8 Commentsto Parents and Players Testimonial

  1. About a year ago, my daughter got cut from her basketball team because she could not dribble or even play basketball well. Once she started training with Michael, she became a better player. She can now dribble and shoot alot better. She is mentally prepared to play now. Thanks to PGF Basketball, they are making her dreams come true. She made the team this year, thank you PGF Basketball.

  2. Luke Romeo says:

    I have been going to michael for about two years now since then my ball handling and shooting has improved a ton also he’s been a mentor to me and has helped me believe in myself and accomplishing my dream of playing college basketball. He has never doubted me and always saids I can do it even when I say I can’t. Before Michael I barely made middle school basketball now I’m playing Varsity basketball as a freshman at Grace Christian School and its all thanks to Michael

  3. Lois Vucich says:

    Michael has been working with my son for a couple of years now and the improvement he has made has been phenomenal. Michael has been influential in all aspects of my son’s progresss from basketball skills to helping him develop the physical strength he needs to compete at a high level. He truly gives of himself in an unselfish way for the love of the kids and the game.

  4. Jeff Romeo says:

    My son has been working with Michael, and I have been extremely impressed with the way Michael has worked with him. My son has not only greatly improved his basketball skills under Michael’s guidance, but he has also improved as a person. Michael has instilled a great work ethic in my son and allowed my son to really dedicate himself to basketball. In addition, Michael has consistently gone the extra mile with Luke, giving him special attention, coming to games on his own time, and being a wonderful mentor to my son. Luke now considers Michael a role model, more than just a trainer. I would strongly recommend Michael to any young man or woman looking to improve themselves. Mike, thanks for all you do!!!!

  5. Greg says:

    My daughter has attended several of Michael’s camps over the last year. Leading up to this year’s middle school tryouts, we decided on some personal sessions….it made a huge difference and she made the team. Michael truly knows and understands all aspects of the game (mental and physical)….and more importantly how to get the most out of a player. His techniques and approach provided a fun and challenging experience for my daughter. She can’t wait for the next training session! Thanks for everything Michael…you’re truly one of kind.

  6. Keerthi Boru says:

    I am currently a collegiate basketball player at Carnegie Mellon University. I started training with Mike when I was entering my sophomore year of high school. Up to this point I had all the right tools. I was athletic, strong, fast, and a relatively decent basketball player. Mike took all of my strengths and sharpened them to the point where I went from an average player to one who dominated on the basketball scene. During my junior and senior years I averaged 20 ppg and 9 rpg as a guard combo. I can honestly say that Mike Rodgers’ training was one of the biggest reasons why I am playing collegiate basketball today. He does not have a “one format fits all” training regimen. He recognizes your strengths and makes you learn how to capitalize on them. He recognizes a player’s weaknesses and drills you so much that you forget you ever had it. To me Mike is more than just an exceptional basketball mind. He is one of my closest friends and my mentor and training with him has and will continue to be one of my greatest assets.

  7. Starr says:

    My son Antonio has been going to Michael for almost a year now and he has improved in every aspect of the game including dribbling, ball handling, speed and confidence and many more areas. My son is 9 year old and standing 5’3′ and he was always trained to be a big man until we came to Michael he showed Antonio how to become the very best player that he could be.

  8. R.C.Mitchell says:

    My son Marcus J. meet michael when he was about 9 years old in the parks and rec gym located in Garner, NC. As a parent I knew the day that I apporached michael that he was the person that I wanted to train my son in basketball, to include dribbing and ball handling skills. His commitement to the basic ideas of family dedication and work sold me totally after seeing his family with him during all the practices with my son. My son has been with the Rodgers for 5 years and has learned that hard work pay’s off. Because of michael’s, dedication my son he has improved in all area of basketball I.Q. from coming out as the best defensive player during camp to making the AAU team as a point guard to making the high school team. After 3 boy’s in his life I know he will do what ever God has plan for him.

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